Why Do We Dance?

A funny thing happened to me this week while hosting the Decades Dance Party at Adventure City Theme Park. There I was, outside on a break from theme park dance parties and a small human runs up to me.

Small Human: You were the one who showed us the dances?

Me: Yes, that was me. 

Small Human: Can I ask you a question?

Me: Of course. You can ask me anything.

Small Human: Why do we dance? 

Me: That’s a very good question. Why do YOU dance? 

Small Human: Well, when I turn on music, it makes me excited.

Me: Yes! That’s a great reason to dance. To show how we feel. 

Whether you are dancing for fitness and health, for culture and celebration and to bring the world back to balance, or just for fun, humans can always find a good reason to dance. 

Now I pass the question on to you, dear humans: Why do you dance?


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