The Care and Keeping of Good Dance Habits

I believe every human is a dancer just as they are. If you want to build a solid foundation of physical and mental support for yourself as a professional dance career, however, it can mean a lot of training and practice. Developing consistent good habits is vital. 

Do your daily habits help you reach your dance goals? After my time on this earth as a human, I’ve accumulated plenty of habits. Some of my habits have helped me to thrive while others have evolved to protect me and end up holding me back. And the real kicker is some habits can do both!

But what are good habits for dancers?

Your habits will ideally reflect your goals as a dancer. If you have not thought about your dance goals in a while, now is a great time. For me, the path to this awareness for myself is keeping track of my habits. When I pay attention to which habits I bring into my life regularly, I can make better choices of which practices I want to hold on to and which to avoid.

Keeping track of your daily habits is as simple as writing them down. You may find a journal method that works best for you, or maybe even a digital app. Once you have an idea of your goals, you’ll know which habits can help you get there. To help you with more brainstorming, I’ve started a list of dance-related habits to get you started. 

  • Journaling
  • Practice Technique
  • Stretching
  • Conditioning
  • Drink Water
  • Eat Healthily

If you are new to logging habits, I made a simple worksheet you can use to start paying attention two how your lifestyle can support your dance goals.

Head on over to my ko-fi shop to snag your free download.

So tell me dancers, which daily habits are you going to keep track of?


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